Paket Umroh Desember 2016: Apa Keuntungannya?

Ibadah haji merupakan ibadah wajib yang harus dilaksanakan oleh setiap umat muslim di seluruh dunia karena perintah melaksanakan ibadah haji terkandung dalam rukun islam. Sayangnya, tidak semua orang dapat langsung melaksanakan ibadah haji. Jika sudah seperti itu anda bisa mencari paket umroh Desember 2016. Abutours menyediakan paket umroh dengan segudang kenyamanan dan pelayanan. Berbagai pelayanan akan dijamin nyaman yang akan membuat anda puas. Lalu, mengapa anda harus melaksanakan ibadah umroh? Apa alasan memilih ibadah umroh? kemudian mengapa harus paket? Apa saja keuntungan mengambil paket umroh? Berikut akan dijelaskan keuntungan mengambil paket umroh.

Apabila anda membayangkan paket umroh merupakan paket yang asal-asalan, dalam hal ini anda akan asal dilayani secara asal-asalan, anda salah besar. Justru sebenarnya paket umroh Desember 2016 ini memiliki banyak keuntungan. Apa saja keuntungan anda melaksanakan ibadah umroh dengan menggunakan paket? Berikut keuntungannya :

  1. Keuntungan pertama memilih ibadah umroh dengan paket akan mempermudah anda dalam mengurus berbagai berkas dan keperluan. Apalagi anda yang sibuk, apabila anda memilih ibadah umroh dengan menganakan paket, tentunya berbagai hal akan diurus dengan mudahnya.
  2. Keuntungan berikutnya apabila anda memilih ibadah umroh dengan menggunakan paket, berbagai kebutuhan anda yang selain dokumen ialah adna akan dibantu persiapannya. Sehingga anda akan tetap berjalan tenang ketika melakukan ibadah. Tidak hanya itu, pekerjaan yang belum selesai juga dapat diselesaikan karena anda tidak perlu mengurus berbagai hal yang menyangkut perjalanan ibadah anda.
  3. Keuntungan ketiga yang dapat anda peroleh apabila anda melaksanakan umroh menggunakan paket ialah anda pasti akan terjamin. Mulai dari transportasi, akomodasi, dan berbagai hal yang menyangkut kebutuhan anda. Dengan begitu, anda akan lebih tenang dalam melakukan ibadah.

Melihat keuntungan yang ada diatas, tentunya anda akan lebih memilih beribadah menggunakan paket, khususnya paket umroh Desember dibandingkan dengan menyiapkan perjalanan ibadah anda sendiri. Oleh karena itu, jangan ragu untuk memesan paket paket umroh Desember 2016 ya. Ibadah lancar dan ibadah nyaman.


Watch Wayang Kulit and Understanding People There Behind the Screen

Watching  Wayang Kulit People There Behind the Screen

Wayang kulit is a traditional art native of Indonesia and more developing in Java. This traditional art is an art that is played by a puppeteer, where in playing this art, puppeteer role as a narrator once bone player who plays a lot of characters in it. With the accompaniment of traditional music that comes from the gamelan puppet show presented would be more jarring. This show, in general, there are many organized as an entertainment and ritual in a traditional ceremony. Watch shadow play together and often by local governments, especially in the area of ​​the island of Java.

As well as art and culture on the island of Java, leather puppet art has also been known in other areas outside Java, wayang kulit has even been started worldwide and has been designated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage from Indonesia. This traditional art played in two major epics namely Ramayana and Mahabharata, but in running the story is usually a puppeteer, not only in the grip or the standard of the story. To further make the show more attractive atmosphere, typically a puppeteer would slip stories or other jokes.

When watching a puppet show that is certainly part can not be left out is part goro-goro, which is the peak of puppet show, which at the ending is an interesting story will be raised by a puppeteer as a driver and a single player of leather puppet. To make the story a more interesting shadow play, of course, a puppeteer can not work alone. In general, they will be assisted by other actors leather puppets.

Here are some of the people involved in a puppet show, which include:

Wiyaga, musicians and wirapradaga, is the man who played the gamelan as a musical accompaniment during the puppet show takes place.
Sinden, who is a singer who sang many traditional songs to the accompaniment of gamelan in a puppet show.
Pelawak, the people who do a lot of humor in the midst of a puppet show and will usually reply with a puppeteer said that running a leather puppet.

If you are interested to watch the puppets, you can visit the various building arts in Java in particular in the area of ​​Yogyakarta and Solo, because this area is the center of Javanese traditional arts. For more information on hours and a puppet show, you can access it via the website or portal Indonesia in travel. in addition to the tourist attractions of this site also presents many traditional art performances schedules that exist throughout Indonesia. Because it is the traditional Indonesian art is another attraction of tourism in this country.

Click here : Wayang Kulit in Indonesia Travel

Visiting Some Natural Attractions in the Island of Lombok

 Natural Attractions in the Island of Lombok

There are so many great destinations in Indonesia that you can visit to spend your holiday. Perhaps, you are only familiar with Bali Island. Bali is really a great place for vacation. However, you have to know that there are many more places in Indonesia that are really worth to see. One of the best destinations is Lombok. This island is located in West Nusa Tenggara and it is also close to Bali. You can go to Lombok by boat to get to this island. So, what does Lombok island have so that it becomes a great location for holiday? There are natural attractions that you can visit and  Indonesia.Travel will share them with you.
Sendang Gile Waterfall
The first natural attraction you must visit is Sendang Gile Waterfall. It is located at Senaru village around Mount Rinjani. The distance of Sendang Gile waterfall to the city of Lombok is about 60 km. It is believed that the waterfall can make anyone who washes their faces look younger and fresher. So, if you want to look younger, then visit this waterfall.
Segara Anak Lake
Segara Anak Lake actually cannot be separated from the mount of Rinjani because it is located around the mount. This lake is extraordinary scenery and it is surrounded by some mountains. It is not so easy to get there because you need to take 9 hours on foot. The track is not easy so it is not suitable for weak person. However, if you succeed to reach this lake, your fatigue will be gone due to the amazing scenery offered around the lake.
Gili meno Trawangan
Around Lombok Island, there are three pieces of Gili or also known as small islands that are located close from one another. Those three small islands are called Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. From those three Gilis, Gili Trawangan is the most popular one and there are so many visitors who visit this Gili. Gili has its own charm in the form of beach which looks clean and white and has a beautiful sea park.
Kuta Beach
Have you ever visited Kuta Beach in Bali? Of course, Kuta beach in Bali must be very amazing and has such beautiful scenery ever. In fact, Kuta beach is not only found in Bali, but it also can be found in Lombok. It has the same name in different province. It also becomes one of the best popular attractions in West Nusa Tenggara. Perhaps, you wonder the difference between Kuta beach of Lombok and Kuta Beach of Bali, so you have to visit it anyway.

31 Kuta Bali: Visiting Kuta Beach and Enjoy Your Holiday

 Visiting Kuta Beach and Enjoy Your Holiday

There are thousands of beaches that are available in Indonesia and all of those beaches are beautiful. However, each beach has its own popularity among the visitors. There are some beaches that are very popular among the people. One of the most popular beaches in Indonesia is located in Kuta Bali called Kuta beach. Kuta beach in Bali is really popular because of its beach. Therefore, in this article, Indonesia.Travel Singapore would like to share with you about fun activities in Kuta beach Bali.
Playing Banana Boat
There are hundreds of rides available in Kuta beach. As the best beach in Kuta Bali, this beach can be the best destination for those who are bored with the city life. You can take your moment in Kuta Bali and enjoy the beach by playing Banana Boat. You must wish to ride a banana boat with your family when visiting Kuta beach. You are no need to worry about it because there are so many banana boat rentals around. Not only Banana boat, but you can also rent some other rides such as water ski, parasailing, diving, surfing, and much more.
Talking to Other Tourists
It is undeniable that Kuta Bali beach has so many visitors. There are so many people who visit Kuta Bali every day, especially those who want to come to Kuta beach. Since there are so many visitors at the beach, then it can be a good chance for you to know each other. You can talk to other visitors from all around the world. There are so many tourists who come from Australia, America, Europe, and much more. You can share your story with them and make friends with them.
Enjoying Your Lunch Neat the Beach
Along the coastline of Kuta Bali beach, you will see so many restaurants that you can choose to enjoy your lunch. You must be hungry and wonder how the Indonesian foods really taste like. Therefore, you should not forget to enjoy your lunch after you enjoy the beach. It will be really fun because you can enjoy your food while you see the beach waves and see so many people who are playing around the beach. This can be your best moment and you will miss it someday when you return to your home. Therefore, you should use your time as good as possible so that your holiday will be the best holiday ever.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali, One Location With A Variety Of Its Beauty

Nusa Dua Beach Bali is one of the areas in Bali. Nusa Dua Bali is often used to hold various kinds of activities which have an international SUMMIT conferences such as scaleand various other conferences. Nusa Dua are indeed provide a very pleasant touristoffer, a tourist area that is located in Nusa Dua so neatly arranged and gave the impression of the attractions that is so luxurious. For hygiene and meanders beneath also maintained very well. The waves at the beach of Nusa Dua has a quiet flow so thesuitable place to relax along with your family.

While in Nusa Dua Beach, you can sit relaxed on the beach with tropical sun and panoramic views of the coastline that so beautifully, while for children can freely play on the beach. There are some beaches that we can visit in Nusa Dua, such as :

  1. Nusa Dua Beach. This beach is a beach that is most convenient to relax since shehas a calm, waves to the abundance of trees so that the atmosphere is very cool and shady,
  2. Beach Water Blow. It has a limiting, because it has a texture in the form of steep cliffs,
  3. the Geger beach. This is no less beautiful beaches to enjoy. It has white sand that is so clean and very leafy trees even waves is also so quiet so it is very safe when thefruit would like to invite heart to swim.

Bali Nusa Dua Beach has easy road. The road to go to the beach can be passed either by using a private vehicle or public transportation. This beach is located on the South side of the airport of Bali with a distance of 12 km. If you depart from the airport, you could be headed to the beach with Rp 100 thousand, and takes 30 minutes.When using a taxi, you can ask the driver to pass through Mandala Toll because you can see the sea from the top of the bridge.

For lodging accommodations, around Nusa Dua Beach there are 25 hotels with rooms totalling nearly 4000 rooms with a wide range of prices. You can choose the price to your liking. If you want to a hotel that has a cheaper price, you can choose the price of Rp 250,000 up to Rp 700,000.

In addition to the hotel there is also a Brasserie or restaurants around Nusa Dua Beach. The menu is given also variegated ranging from cuisine to cuisine of Bali from abroad. For the gift shop, there are plenty of gift shops that you can choose. How? Engrossing not vacation to Nusa Dua Beach Bali? When you want to search for other information, you can visit

what is culture: Beberapa Contoh Budaya Jawa

what is culture: Beberapa Contoh Budaya Jawa

Berbicara tentang suatu etnis, tempat, dan liburan, anda pasti tidak akan pernah jauh dari yang namanya budaya. What is culture? Budaya merupakan kebiasaan-kebiasaan tertetentu yang dimiliki oleh etnis tertentu yang merupakan warisan dari nenek moyang mereka. Pastinya budaya masih berkaitan dengan sesuatu yang unik dan tidak dimiliki oleh orang lain. Disini, Singapore akan memberikan contoh budaya Jawa yang mungkin anda tidak tahu atau mungkin anda sudah tahu.

Bahasa Jawa
What is culture dari Jawa? Mari kita lihat dari hal yang paling biasa dan tidak asing lagi, yaitu Bahasa Jawa. Bahasa Jawa merupakan Budaya yang telah ada semenjak dahulu kala. Bahasa tersebut juga mengalami perkembangan namun tidak musnah. Dalam Bahasa Jawa, ada istilah bahasa Jawa Halus dan Kasar. Bahasa Jawa halus adalah bahwa formal yang digunakan untuk acara formal atau ketika seseorang sedang berbicara dengan orang yang lebih tua. Sementara Bahasa Kasar adalah bahasa sehari-hari.

Tarian Jawa
Yang termasuk dalam budaya jawa lainnya adalah tarian Jawa. Ada begitu banyak tarian jawa yang bisa anda lihat. Misalnya, Tari Emprak dari Jawa Tengah, Tari Gandrung dari Banyuwangi, Tari Golek Menak dari Yogyakarta, Tari Kridhajati dari Jepara, Tari Kuda Lumping dari Jawa Tengah, dan masih banyak lagi. Tarian tersebut memiliki ciri khas tersendiri yang tidak dimiliki oleh tarian lain.

Musik Jawa
What is culture dalam segi musik Jawa? Musik jawa adalah termasuk dalam budaya termasuk alat-alat musik jawa dan lagunya. Anda mungkin cukup familiar dengan gamelan yang merupakan sebuah alat musik khas Jawa. Dan penyanyi jawa yang disebut sinden serta lagu-lagu jawa yang disebut campur sari. Lagu Jawa masih dilestarikan hingga saat ini bahkan turis asing banyak yang ingin memperlajari musik jawa ini karena music yang dihasilkan sangat unik dan indah. Jika anda ingin melihat dan belajar musik jawa, anda bisa datang ke Jogja atau semarang.

4 cheap Hotels Airport area Adi Sumarmo airport Solo

Cheap hotels Solo – if you are planning for a vacation with the family or traveling on business in Solo with one airport and alight at the Adi Sumarmo airport, surely you need the pneginapan place to stay while in the city of Solo, which is in the Adi Sumarmo airport. And for those of you who are now already in the airport Adi Sumarmo airport and was looking for a hotel, some hotel names below may you can make it as a place to stay or take a rest during the Solo.

Cheap hotels in airport area Solo Adi Sumarmo airport available not so much. Less is more only 4 choices of hotels that exist in the area. In addition to the hotel there is also a resort that is in the area of the Adi Sumarmo Airport Airport. The price offered for either a hotel or lodging resort respectively are relatively affordable. The price is in the range of hundreds of thousands of course. Even if you are lucky, usually on the day – some days there will be promo price (discount) is given on some of the lodging place.

A very strategic location in the area of Adi Sumarmo Airport Airport, makes the hotel – a hotel or resort that is around Adi Sumarmi being the choice of the place of stay or retreat. For example as Dafar Koyan Resort Solo or distance location closest to the Adi Sumarmo airport. It makes this resort as a choice for a place to stay. But if you want to stay at the hotel, there is also a selection of hotels that have the closest distance to the airport of Adi Sumarmo airport. Like the hotel The Gambir Anom Solo Hotel is just 900 metres from the airport Sumarmo airport.

The hotel – a hotel that is in the area of Adi Sumarmo airport this airport including Choice Hotels – the hotel is extremely popular and has many visitors and has a reviev best of visitors who have been staying in a hotel – the hotel. The following 4 cheap hotels airport area Adi Sumarmo airport Solo you can make the choice as a place to stay.

Gumaya Tower Kayon Resort Solo
Address: Street Soldiers Ngesrep Student Village, Tanjungsari, Ngemplak, Solo
Price: IDR 175,000

The Gambier Anom Hotels
Address: Jalan Haji Embarkasih No. 24, Ravens Sipat, Solo, Boyolali
Price: Rp 215,000

Sharia Hotel Solo
Address: Jalan Adi Sucipto No. 47, Solo
Price: Rp 215,000

Villa Aquin
Address: Gatak, Gajahan, Colomadu, Karanganyar, Solo
Price: Rp 215,000