4 cheap Hotels Airport area Adi Sumarmo airport Solo

Cheap hotels Solo – if you are planning for a vacation with the family or traveling on business in Solo with one airport and alight at the Adi Sumarmo airport, surely you need the pneginapan place to stay while in the city of Solo, which is in the Adi Sumarmo airport. And for those of you who are now already in the airport Adi Sumarmo airport and was looking for a hotel, some hotel names below may you can make it as a place to stay or take a rest during the Solo.

Cheap hotels in airport area Solo Adi Sumarmo airport available not so much. Less is more only 4 choices of hotels that exist in the area. In addition to the hotel there is also a resort that is in the area of the Adi Sumarmo Airport Airport. The price offered for either a hotel or lodging resort respectively are relatively affordable. The price is in the range of hundreds of thousands of course. Even if you are lucky, usually on the day – some days there will be promo price (discount) is given on some of the lodging place.

A very strategic location in the area of Adi Sumarmo Airport Airport, makes the hotel – a hotel or resort that is around Adi Sumarmi being the choice of the place of stay or retreat. For example as Dafar Koyan Resort Solo or distance location closest to the Adi Sumarmo airport. It makes this resort as a choice for a place to stay. But if you want to stay at the hotel, there is also a selection of hotels that have the closest distance to the airport of Adi Sumarmo airport. Like the hotel The Gambir Anom Solo Hotel is just 900 metres from the airport Sumarmo airport.

The hotel – a hotel that is in the area of Adi Sumarmo airport this airport including Choice Hotels – the hotel is extremely popular and has many visitors and has a reviev best of visitors who have been staying in a hotel – the hotel. The following 4 cheap hotels airport area Adi Sumarmo airport Solo you can make the choice as a place to stay.

Gumaya Tower Kayon Resort Solo
Address: Street Soldiers Ngesrep Student Village, Tanjungsari, Ngemplak, Solo
Price: IDR 175,000

The Gambier Anom Hotels
Address: Jalan Haji Embarkasih No. 24, Ravens Sipat, Solo, Boyolali
Price: Rp 215,000

Sharia Hotel Solo
Address: Jalan Adi Sucipto No. 47, Solo
Price: Rp 215,000

Villa Aquin
Address: Gatak, Gajahan, Colomadu, Karanganyar, Solo
Price: Rp 215,000