Watch Wayang Kulit and Understanding People There Behind the Screen

Watching  Wayang Kulit People There Behind the Screen

Wayang kulit is a traditional art native of Indonesia and more developing in Java. This traditional art is an art that is played by a puppeteer, where in playing this art, puppeteer role as a narrator once bone player who plays a lot of characters in it. With the accompaniment of traditional music that comes from the gamelan puppet show presented would be more jarring. This show, in general, there are many organized as an entertainment and ritual in a traditional ceremony. Watch shadow play together and often by local governments, especially in the area of ​​the island of Java.

As well as art and culture on the island of Java, leather puppet art has also been known in other areas outside Java, wayang kulit has even been started worldwide and has been designated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage from Indonesia. This traditional art played in two major epics namely Ramayana and Mahabharata, but in running the story is usually a puppeteer, not only in the grip or the standard of the story. To further make the show more attractive atmosphere, typically a puppeteer would slip stories or other jokes.

When watching a puppet show that is certainly part can not be left out is part goro-goro, which is the peak of puppet show, which at the ending is an interesting story will be raised by a puppeteer as a driver and a single player of leather puppet. To make the story a more interesting shadow play, of course, a puppeteer can not work alone. In general, they will be assisted by other actors leather puppets.

Here are some of the people involved in a puppet show, which include:

Wiyaga, musicians and wirapradaga, is the man who played the gamelan as a musical accompaniment during the puppet show takes place.
Sinden, who is a singer who sang many traditional songs to the accompaniment of gamelan in a puppet show.
Pelawak, the people who do a lot of humor in the midst of a puppet show and will usually reply with a puppeteer said that running a leather puppet.

If you are interested to watch the puppets, you can visit the various building arts in Java in particular in the area of ​​Yogyakarta and Solo, because this area is the center of Javanese traditional arts. For more information on hours and a puppet show, you can access it via the website or portal Indonesia in travel. in addition to the tourist attractions of this site also presents many traditional art performances schedules that exist throughout Indonesia. Because it is the traditional Indonesian art is another attraction of tourism in this country.

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